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MAVIN PLANTED A TREE IN THE PAST [Sep. 1st, 2006|04:48 am]
[music |Hot Spur - Her Majesty]

Well, I did what I said I was going to do.

I set the kitchen clock ahead 10 minutes so my mom would think I'd gone out at the right time and then I went out 10 minutes early. Mom didn't even notice.

I ducked out of sight in the woods across the street and waited until the bus went by. For a change I was glad the bus doesn't stop and wait. If it had Mom might have seen that I didn't get on.

Last year I'd gone out a little late and been running for the bus a few times. I know the diver saw me at least some of those times but she drives on presenting she didn't see just to make me run. I know because she drives slower when I'm chasing her bus. Just slow enough that if I really run I can catch it. She's not one of the nicest people I know.

I don't think she likes me.

I'm the first person this bus picks up. Then she drives for an hour and then she picks up the kids that live near the school I go to in Syracuse.

When I started High School I was 12. I only went here in Clinton for a week. I was so much younger than the other kids and they wouldn't accept me at all.

I'm not going to say I was beat up or tortured or anything like that. I saw kids in Junior High that were picked on a lot and it was awful for them. It wasn't that bad really. But th school felt it was disruptive and could get worse as the school year went on so they came up with the idea of sending me over an hour away to school. The school board liked the idea, my parents liked the idea, everyone who didn't have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning because of it thought it was a great idea.

I'm not going to school today, its 4:30 in the morning and guess what? I'm up anyway!

But let me tell you about yesterday.

My mom did not leave our house guest alone to go to work. I guess it was good that I'm not the only one who is worried about him. I waited until she would have left and then a good twenty minutes more before I gave up and came back to the house. When I got inside Mom and The King of Spain were talking at the kitchen table.

I should say that he isn't The King of Spain. I just started calling him that in my Blog so I'm still doing it. The King of Spain is a song by a band I like called Moxy Fruvous. The song is about a guy working in a Pizza shop who says he was the King of Spain but quit to go work at minimum wage jobs in Canada. I started calling our house guest that because it seemed like his story was far fetched too.

Turns out the guy in the Song's story was pretty believable compared to my King's.

I listened a while before I let them know I was listening. I listened to enough that they had to stop leaving me out of it.

So according to The King of Spain, everything we think is real isn't, or at least wasn't until very recently. That two weeks ago he was the only child of my mother and my dad. That my Mom never married my biological dad, didn't have me, didn't get divorced.

You know how my mom and dad used tell the story of how they both almost met years earlier because they were both at a New Years party in New York City but they didn't meet. My dad said that fate kept trying to get them together until they finally did, right? Well, according to this Mavin, they did meet at that party and my mom was still single. One thing led to another, they got married and had him.

I'd like to just say this is absurd but he said plenty of stuff that my mom and I both know are true. Like that she knew she was going to name her first son Mavin after a boy she knew when she was little who died.

Not only that but when he is telling about himself its like he is talking about me. He was skipped several times and started college at 15. He went to Tulane and got an internship with Dr. Markus Demiter, the very same theoretical physists professor that I'm starting an internship with next year only in his life, Dr. Demiter taught at Tulane, not Hamilton.

In his second year of college and of working with Dr. Demiter, which was two weeks ago, he became the first person to successfully test Demiter's system of time travel. My mom and I both asked Mavin about the time machine a couple of times and he kept correcting us, that it wasn't a time machine. More like a system of traveling through time. Kind of an assisted hypnosis that helps someone's brain to tap into an ability hidden inside it.

He didn't know all the technical stuff but he said that Dr. Demiter did and if he can find Demiter he might be able to send him back to the reality he knows. What he didn't know until I told him was that Demiter was right here in Clinton.

So I get the day of of school today. My mom and I are taking Mavin to see the good professor.

"So" I said to Mavin, "You went to college in New Orleans?

Mavin said he didn't.

"But Tulane is in New Orleans." I said.

He said, "Yes, it was before New Orleans was destoyed by a big Hurricane."

"Katrina, yeah, but Tulane is still there." I said.

Then I had to tell him all about what happened to New Orleans in Katrina. He listened and asked questions and was really surprized by the answers. Like someone who hadn't lived though it as we all did.

In his history, in August of 1983 Hurricane Alicia hit the Gulf Coast, destroying New Orleans, Beloxi Mississippi, Mobile Alabama and the Pan Handle of Florida. It was awful, like Katrina, with bodies floating in the flood and debri that quickly became a toxic hazzard.

Louisiana redefined their state lines, disowning the destroyed and toxic area and refusing to contribute to its clean up. When they got away with it the other states followed suit. The country tried to clean it up but it was too much of a job for them. Then big shot developers bought the entire area. One of them was my Dad. After six years of work by thousands and thousands of people, the area reopened at a luxurious state for the very wealthy called, Gulf.

Marcus Dimeter taught at Tulane because Mavin was a fan and loved him book about time. The same book I have loved.

Its about time but it has nothing to do with time travel. Mostly, Marcus Dimeter was talking about light speed. His theory that it isn't constant. That just as light travels slower through 40 feet of solid glass than it does through what we call a perfect vacuum, that theoretically there could be a space that is as much more empty than a vacuum than a vacuum is to a 40 foot sheet of glass. From there he talked about what effect this could have on our understanding of time.

"Gulf became the 53nd state in 1989." Mavin said.

"53nd? What was the 51st and 52nd?" I asked.

Turns out that puerto rico was made a state in 1975 and Washinton DC was in 1980. That one was President Ronald Reagan's first official act.

Also, Long Island became part of New Jersey in 1981. Another of Reagan's things. After a long fight over it between New York and New Jersey, New York City remained part of New York State. At one point, Connecticutt tried to lay claim to New York City but they withdrew their bid for it pretty quickly.

I'm not saying I believe any of this but it is pretty hard to deny that Mavin is here. When he came back from the past he was in Gulf, but it wasn't Gulf anymore, it was a huricaine ravaged New Orleans.

The first thing he did was go home, but it wasn't his home anymore. He found Mom by searching phone books but it ook a while because he was looking for Dad's name. For him, dad didn't work himself into an early death. After making all that money with Gulf he retired and enjoyed the easy life with his family. No ulcers, no high blood preasure and no heart attacks.

I'd sure like to have had that version of my dad.

Hotspur, by the way, was a huge band with big hits, and Mavin's favorite band, just like mine. I'm glad I wouldn't have let their fame keep me from liking them. At least I think so. If Mavin is me. Half me maybe?

"So what happened?" I asked.

"When I went back I must have changed something important." Mavin said.

"What did you change?"

"The worst thing that ever happened to this country, and what started a chain of events that ended up killing millions of people and opressing many many more." Mavin said.

"What was that?" I asked.

"The assassination of President John F Kennedy." But that still happened.

"Yeah. I know. I found that out pretty quickly when I got back. I did exactly what Dr. Dimeter said to do. I went back to 1900 and planted a couple of trees that would grow to block the view from the Grassy Knoll to the President's Motercade. It worked, the trees grew, but he was still shot and killed." Mavin said.

"Yeah but Lee Harvy Oswald killed President Kennedy from a window of a building." I said.

"Yeah, that's what people thought until the truth came out in the 1990's, only whatever I did changed that too. It changed a lot of stuff. I have no idea how much. Every day I'm learning new things that are different." Mavin said.

I can't wait to hear what Professor Dimeter thinks of all of this.
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Short Cut To Stardom [Aug. 31st, 2006|12:01 am]
[music |Moxy Fruvous - The King of Spain]

In case you were wondering, being a High School Senior stinks when you are 14 years old and smarter than everyone else there. I don't just mean the other students either.

I had one teacher give me a hard time about my hand writing and my spelling. I told him I had learning disabilities. Dyslexic and Dysgraphic and he says I can be learning disabled or a wiz kid, not both. Its not true! I was going to say that's crazy but I've stopped saying that. Of course I can be both. I am both. Lots of people are. I asked him if the drummer for Def Leopard played so well he grew back his missing arm. The guy had no idea what I was talking about. Come on. Def Leopard. The classics!

Anyway, back to the King of Spain (The other Mavin).

He was still at my house when I got home from school. Asleep on the rec room fold out sofa. In case you didn't know, that's where the TV is, that's where my video games are, my remote control cars, everything electric that's fun.

Mom wouldn't tell me anything other than that he will be staying with us a few days. He was up at dinner and I tried to ask him what was up. He tried to answer me but my mom shushed him.

He said he wasn't my brother and it sounded like he said he was me but when I tried to ask my mom said no, that wasn't what he said.

After dinner he took a bath and that Hotspur shirt was on the floor outside the bathroom door. I picked it up and looked at it and then I took it to my mom and confronted her about it.

"This one isn't like mine, for one thing, it has tour dates on the back." I told her. I think she said, "So?"

"So is that these are big places, the Pepsi Arena, The Spectrum, this is an unsigned, unknown band from DC. They deserve to be big stars but they aren't. There's no way the would be playing these kind of places, not only that, the dates on the shirt are two years old. I don't even think the band was together two years ago."

I would have gone on but then I caught a look at my mom's face. She looked more freaked out than I was. I mean, she put her hand up to her mouth and everything.

I let it go for then but thought I would stay up and confront him after my mom went to bed. Mom stayed up all night though and was on the computer practically the entire time. I do not update my blog when my mom is on the computer. She can do something and then just watch whatever I'm doing. Its creepy!

Mom is still up but guess what. The King of Spain has gone back to sleep. I know I said I wouldn't but I think I have to. Tomorrow I'll pretend to go to school, wait until Mom leaves for work and come back and talk to this guy. I need to know what's going on.

I'm going to sleep now. More later.
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ANOTHER ME [Aug. 30th, 2006|05:38 am]
This morning I saw my mother out my bedroom window taking care of her little front yard garden. Dalias. They grow too tall and then fold and break. She's out there a couple of mornings a week tieing them to stakes, but they grow in different directions. They just weren't designed well these flowers.

My mom likes them though. They are red and darker red. Nothing like the flowers our neighbors have on the front of their houses. Kind of special. Plus my mom likes them so that's the important thing.

Way up the street I can see someone walking our way. Its really early when I get up and get ready for school. Earlier than other kids get up because I go to a special school. I'm 14 years old but I'm a high school senior. I go to school an hour away because there aren't very many schools that can handle a student who has skipped as many times as I have. This is the first week of my last year of it though. Next year I start at college. Its already all set up.

Most kids go to high school at home and then go off to college. My college is right here in Clinton. Hamilton College. I'll be living at home. I'll just be getting up an hour later.

So anyway this guy is getting closer. He's on foot and its really early for anyone to be walking anywhere so I'm looking out the window. I guess I'm being nosey. I want to know what's going on. Do you blame me?

OK, I just got my toothbrush and paste and I'm brush my teeth at my bedroom window so I can keep watching as he gets closer to my house. My Mom would gripe at me for it but she's outside. I can see her but she can't see me. Its just me and my Mom now. My dad died a few years back.

I know you are going to say that sucks but I don't know, it didn't seem that bad. He was out of town a lot, making all kinds of money on Real Estate. He was a big wig developer. He was making the money all the time but he didn't spend much of it. Mostly he kept it so he could use it to make bigger and bigger deals. After he died and left the money to us we started spending it.

I don't want you to think I'm cold or anything. I'm not a really greedy person I don't think. Its just that Mom thought money was a means to an end and Dad thought it was the end. I like Mom's way better.

The guy has gotten close enough that I am getting a good look at him but I have a mouth full of toothpaste and spit to contend with.

I just looked for a cup or something to spit in but my Mom cleans my room. There's nothing. I have to run to the bathroom and use the sink.

I'm back. I went as quickly as I could but I missed something because he isn't far away anymore, he's right in front of my Mom.

He looked a little like me but a couple years older and a lot dirtier. He looked like he had been sleeping in his clothes for a week and his hair was all messed up. He kind of dressed like me too. He had on a Hotspur T-shirt. That was crazy! Hotspur is this great pop band I like that practically no one has ever heard of. They aren't famous, don't have a big record company and they aren't from around here. They are like my favorite band and I have that exact same shirt. No one I've ever met has heard of them much less owns a shirt.

I actually got up and looked in my dresser to make sure I still had it. Bright blue, staring back at me. He isn't wearing mine.

He walked right up to my mother and said, "Mom?"

That's crazy too. I don't have any brothers, I know that. There's no way my Mom is his Mom.

"I'm someone's mother but I don't think I'm yours." I heard her say to him.

"Crap." He said then just stared at her for a minute.

Then he said, "You don't know me at all do you?"

"No, I'm sorry, I don't think so. What's your name?" My mom responded.

"Mavin. I'm Mavin Copelli and you used to be my Mom."

I've got to stop saying things are crazy. After this time though because that is crazy. I'm Mavin Copelli so he can't be.

Crap. My bus is coming and I can't write anymore. I'll have to update when I get home from school.
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