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TIME TO GO [Sep. 11th, 2006|08:02 am]
Its Monday morning, a school day, and my bus left without me a little while ago.

Mom woke me up a little after one in the morning. She said we had company. I got dressed and came downstairs to find two boys sitting on our livingroom sofa, one that looked kind of like me, the other that looked exactly like me.

"Mavin, this is Mavin and Mavin." My mom said.

I wiped my eyes on my shirt and looked at them. One said hello with my voice.

The Mavin who looked exactly like me told me that he had gone back in time and messed up history, came back to the present and met the Mavin that looked kind of like me and, with Professor Dimeter's help, had gone back together to an hour earlier to try to keep him from making the change. That they just got back and here we are in yet another timeline with yet third Mavin.

"There's a fourth too." I told them.

You can image the looks we all exchanged.

"He left yesterday. I didn't believe him." I said.

"We have to find him." One of the new Mavins said.

"Yes, and all go back together to try to fix this mess right." The other said.

"But if you set things right none of you will exist." My mom protested.

"Professor Dimeter says that we all will. That the essence of who we are is divided up in each of us, like we are all diluted versions of ourselves. If we fix it right we will all be intigrated back into ourselves, but we all need to go back together to do it." The Mavin who looked exactly like me said.

"You know how to go back?" I asked.

"Yes, we can go back as many times as we need to until we get it right, but first we have to find that fourth Mavin." The Mavin who looks kind of like me said.

My mom called Airy's mom and we're getting ready to go find The King of Spain, mom driving her car, Airy's mom driving hers. Airy is coming too, of course.

Mom wanted me to change into clothes that match so I came back to my room and I'm doing this quick update before we head out to search.

I got a minute or two alone with the two new Mavins when my mom left to call Airy's mom and I just asked them right out.

"Are you gay?" I asked both of them.

The one who looks exactly like me said he was pretty confidently at the same time the other said, "No!" Defensively. After he heard yes though, and heard me say that I was too, he took it back.

"Well, don't know, maybe, I guess so, yeah. I think I really am." He said.