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MY LAST ENTRY [Sep. 11th, 2006|10:52 am]
If we succeed in finding the missing Mavin we are going to go back together right then. If that hapens, chances are this blog won't exist anymore so sorry, no more entries after this.

That's too bad too because I bet whatever happens after that will be quite an adventure. The kind of stuff that makes for great reading, but 'them's the breaks' as my grandpa used to say.

Airy knew that Mavin was real. He and Airy talked about it. He said he couldn't stay, that it wasn't his life, it was mine. That he read my entries from Airy's house and knew he had to make me think he was faking so that he could leave without us stopping him.

If he's me I'm glad. I'd like to be good like that, I just didn't think I was, but now that I see that he is, maybe I am.

Its almost 11:00 in the morning and we haven't left yet. The two new Mavins and Airy are in my room. I'm not sure what my mom and Airy's mom are doing but they are doing something to get ready for this big search.

Hold on a second, one of the New Mavins is saying something to me. BRB.

OK, so The Mavin who looks exactly like me just said that since we are going to split up it would be a good idea for both groups to bring cell phones and make sure they have full charges so that we can stay in contact. The other Mavin agreed right away, saying that this was a great idea.

"What's a cell phone?" I asked them, and they both just looked at me.

"Come on, what?" I asked, "What's a cell phone?"