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UNFAIR FAIR DAY [Sep. 4th, 2006|01:14 am]
[music |The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Royal Oil]

We went to the New York State Fair yesterday. I thought we had missed Foreigner on Saturday but it turned out they were playing on Sunday. Both Airy's mom and my mom were hyped up about it. My half-self and I cracked a few jokes but nothing that made anyone laugh.

Airy's dad didn't go but told us to have a good time and gave Airy some extra money on the way out the door along with a lecture. He was holding onto the money in her hand as if it was a part of her saying, "And you know that sideshows exploit people with disabilities and perpetuate negative stereotypes."

"I know, dad, I won't patronize the side shows." Airy assured.

"And you know that the dairy industry is responsible for..."

"I know, dad." She inturrupted.

It took us ten minutes to get out of there.

My mom drove, she introduced Mavin to Airy's mother as her Nephew.

"Really? I thought he was your sonm from an alternate time reality." Airy's mom said.

"Oh, goodness, what an imagination." My mother said flustered.

"Isn't it true?" Airy's mom asked.

"Yes, it is, but I didn't think you'd believe it." My mom admitted.

"Well, it is quite a tale, but he seems to know things he couldn't possibly know any other way so I believe him."

They might have gone on talking about Mavin the whole trip but my mom stopped at Fast Track for some fountain drinks for the trip. Its a little over an hour and I guess mom wanted to make sure we'd take two hours getting there by having us all need a bathroom break on route.

It started and stopped raining the whole trip there. Every time it started we asked if we shouldn't turn back and every time mom insisted it would clear up. Actually, it only rained on us a couple of times while we were there and not for very long either time.

We got some money and seperated from the moms right away. Practially the first thing Airy went into was the World's Smallest Woman. She saw the Snake Girl too and every other sideshow she could find.

I just looked at her, I didn't say anything and she said, "If you tell my dad I'll brain you." Shaking a little first at me.

The three of us soon became the two of them plus me. Airy and Mavin held hands, went on rides together, shared fried dough covered with cherries and kissed in the haunted house.

When we passed the Llamas Airy asked, "What do you do with a Llama? Do you eat them? Do they make Llama burgers? Do they pull a plough, what?" She was setting me up for my joke.

Mavin jumped right in, "They use the wool to make dolls, they call them Llama Dollies."

I couldn't believe it! He said my joke and worse than that, Airy laughed.

The first time we went to the State Fair together Airy said what she said this time, only she meant it, and I said about the Llama Dollies and everyone cracked up. Since then, every year we went Airy would say it and I'd give the same answer and we'd crack up again. As soon as she said her part I thought, 'finally, she's paying attention to me.'

"That's my joke!" I said loudly.

"What are you talking about, I just made it up." Mavin answered.

Of course he did, because he is me. The me that was supposed to exist and I'm the mistake.

I was mad after that but I didn't want them to know. Its not like it was their fault, but it wasn't fun to be there with people but not really with them.

Inside a building Mavin tried to put Airy inside a giant soap bubble. I thought I'd just ditch them for a while and have some fun. I made it all the way to the Pan African Village but Mavin caught up to me.

"Hey, Mom said we should all stay together." He said.

"She's not your mom, and Airy is my friend, not yours!" I said.

"Oh, man. Hey, I'm sorry, you had a thing for her. Hey, look, no girl should come between us, I don't have to date her."

"I don't care what you to have with each other, you go knock yourself out." I said.

"Yes you do, come on, admit it. You like her." Mavin pushed.

"She's not my type." I insisted.

"Get off it, she's blond, beautiful, shapely, she's everyone's type." Mavin went on.

I sighed and shook my head.

"Believe me, she's not my type." I said.

"Then what's your problem?" Mavin asked.

"My problem is..." And then I had to think about it because I hadn't really thought about it before.

"My problem is that I don't have a lot of friends and I need the ones I have. IF you are at the fair with me then be with me. If you are at the fair with her than let me walk around on my own and enjoy it." I said.

"You really won't mind if Airy and I spent some time together, just the two of us?" He asked.

"Of course not." I lied.

So then I was on my own for all of ten minutes. Just long enough to go inside the Hall of Progress and play with the markers one of the venders had for sale.

Around the next corner I ran right into my mom and Airy's mom. They asked where Airy and the other Mavin were. I said I lost them and that meant that I was with the grown ups for the rest of the fair including an hour and a half of Foreigner being Hot Blooded and all that old stuff.

We went into the petting zoo and fed carrot sticks to animals which I never would have done on my own. The moms wouldn't have done it on their own either, but they thought that was the kind of thing a 14 year old boy wants to do so there you go.

The best fun I had was when the three of us went to the bathroom. As always, there was no line for the men's room side and a very long one for the ladie's room. I came out after I was done and the moms had hardly advanced at all on their line for the ladie's room.

"You're done already?" Mom asked.

"Well sure," I said, walking into the doorway of the men's room.

"Its ready whenever I need it. I can go in, I can come out, I can go on, I can come out." I said while stepping in and out of the men's room doorway. It didn't just annoy the moms, it made some of the women in the line really mad.

I don't like to admit it, but the truth is, when I'm upset about something, it is kind of fun to just make people mad.

It took a good half an hour to reconnect with Airy and Mavin when we wanted to leave. They were making out in the bleachers of the sea lion show.

He wanted to give me details but I didn't want to hear it.

Tomorrow is a holiday and I can't believe it but I'm sorry I won't be going to school.