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You can thank my friend Airy for all of the history in this post. She… - timeformyself [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 3rd, 2006|01:03 am]
You can thank my friend Airy for all of the history in this post. She lives pretty close to me and we are pretty good friends. Hi Airy! (She reads my blog) Anyway. We were at her house for a couple of hours today and she kept asking questions about the past and stuff.

His, 'the past' I mean. How things were now before he went back in time and changed things by planted two stupid trees.

We checked. No trees ever grew on that spot in recorded history. Mavin planted two trees that did not grow and that changed everything that changed. That made the internet get invented, that kept Wendy's from inventing orange Frosty, that made my favorite unknown band a big hit and what else?

Airy mentioned the OJ Trial and Mavin had no idea what she was talking about. She explained and Mavin said, "Oh, that. They arrested OJ for that?"

Originally, Mark Furman was arrested for the murder rght away. He confessed, was convicted, and sent to prison. It was a story but it wasn't a big story. The guy was a police officer who handled the case when Nicole Simpson filed abuse charges against OJ, who was her ex husband. The cop fell for her big time and came over often to check on her, fllow up, get closer to her, all that stuff.

Even though she and OJ didn't get along and had big ugly fights, she still loved him and wouldn't date anyone else. That made the cop furious at OJ and at her. He killed her and tried to make it look like OJ did it, but OJ was on a plane at the time. The cops weren't stupid, they figured out it was Furman pretty fast and arrested him.

"Cops are stupid in this world." Airy said.

I didn't agree but I didn't want t argue with Airy. She's a year older than me and bigger and, well, she's pinned me down and tickled me until I took things back before. Her parents are peace activists and don't think the police are always on the side of good. The whole family are pacifists and she's really serious about it. She'll beat you up good if you say anything bad about pacifism.

"What about Ronald Goldman?" I asked.

The first time around the murder happened a little later. Only Nicole was killed.

That's not the big thing.

We had plenty of time hanging out together. We were all going to go to the New York State Fair today but it rained. I was kind of glad about it because my mom and Airy's mom would have made us sit through a washed up old hasbeen band that they liked whe they were kids called Foreigner.


Sometimes my mom gets into a weird mood, has a couple of drinks, puts that stuff on her old record player loud enoug to be heard over the vacuum cleaner and cleans the carpets for an hour. She goes back over the same spots two or three times just to keep listening to it.

There are differences in my music and his, but all the stuff my mom liked, his mom liked too. Foreigner, Foghat, Journey, Rush, Styx, Genesis. Like said, Blech!

The big thing though is George Bush. In Mavin's now he's known as the killer president because he was elected president and got impeached and went to jail.

Here's what Mavin said happened:

When John F Kennedy was running for president he knew that the people were not going to elect a young liberal Catholic without somehow evening things out. What he did was he picked Lyndon Johnson to be his running mate. Johnson was old, conservative, and appealed to everyone who didn't like Kennedy. It wa a good strategy that really worked but had a big flaw.

Johnson hated Kennedy and wanted to be president himself. Once in office Kennedy made sure that Johnson had no power to do anything. He wasn't included in anything important at all. It drove him ape.

Johnson used his respect and influence to convince the CIA and the FBI that Kennedy was a Communist spy who had scammed his way into the presidency in order to turn the country over to Russia. He had tons of proof too, all of it fabricated, but very convincing.

It was decided that public exposure would undermine the office and weaken the country, so the CIA set up the assassination insstead, and Lee Harvy Oswald was the patsy who would take the fall for it.

The CIA opporative who would head the mission was George Bush. But Bush was a smart guy. He taped secret planning meetings and saved them to use after it was all over. Then he blackmailed President Johnson and the heads of the FBI and CIA.

He used his power over them to build more power. In short order he had something on just about everyone he might need and they all did his bidding. As well as the threat of exposure if they failed him, Bush rewarded their successes with wealth and power.

After being vice president for eight years with Ronald Ragean, in 1990 he was elected president and then his son George Jr. went to the press and gave them everything.

He told the Washington Star that if he didn't take a stand then, he was afraid he would end up just like his father.

Airy told Mavin how bad she thought George W Bush was. That he was the president and that thousands of people were dying in the Middle East because of him, and a bunch of other stuff about the poor and privacy and freedom that I don't really get. In our history, George Jr. never rated out his father, everyone still things Lee Harvy Oswald killed John F Kennedy, and George Jr. is the president now.

Mavin told us that two weeks ago Edward Asner was the president. He had been a movie star and he was very liberal. He was trying to get the East Germans to take down the Berlin Wall and reunite Germany and was negotiating with Palestine to allow the remaining refugees of the former country of Israel to come to America.

Mom called over to Airy's house at dinner time to have us come back. We asked to eat there and sleep over but mom said no because she had already roasted a chicken.

When we were going to leave something really weird happened. I said goodbye to Airy and she said, "Yeah, bye." Like that. Kind of like we always do. Then Mavin and Airy said goodbye.

"See you tomorrow?" Mavin asked.

"Yeah." Airy replied, smiling and bobbng her head a little bit.

I was walking ahead but stopped because Mavin wasn't right next to me like he should have been. I mean, how long does it take to say goodbye?

"That'll be nice." Mavin said to her.

"Yeah, it really will." Airy said, smiling.

Oh, what the heck? I said to myself.

Mavin reached out and took the tips of Airy's fingers.

"Bye for now, then." He said.

"Yeah." She said.

Then they leaned into each other and kissed.

When Mavin caught up to me I groaned at him.

"When you are a little older you'll understand." He said to me.

"Yeah, right." I said, knowing better.